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Low poly fox prints

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Low poly fox prints

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Thank you for your interest in my little printed foxes. 🦊💜 You can support my art with them and get something, hopefully cute, in return.

Here's a few additional photos in more natural environments: #2, #4, #5

Every fox is pay what you want with a minimum of 35€. I'm truly sorry I had to increase the prices but virtually everything increased by 50% here, the last madness was +48% for my electricity costs. I just can't make them for 25€ anymore.

They are hand painted and every fox is unique therefore. Just like the real thing they hate water, so don't bath them. Although the finish coating does withstand moderate amounts of water. The acrylic paint is of high quality, Schmincke, Pebeo or Liquitex paint is used. Please note that the photos will not be completely color accurate but I will do my best to make them as pretty as possible. ^.^

My fox is out of stock!

Write me an email if you want one not available. There is a limited supply, as they are all printed and hand painted by myself. Please allow a few days to a week (for newly created prints) for shipping processing. The paint layers have to dry fully before I can pack them up.

You can also write if you want custom colors or foxes.

I will update the page regularly with new foxes in stock.

My country is not on the shipping list!

They ship to Germany, all of EU and a few additional countries by default. If you are in a different country, please contact me, and we can work out the details: email or discord Kiza#2150 works best.
The reason of this is purely tax and customs regulation related. And very high shipping costs sadly. Please note that outside EU you might need to pay import tax.

Additional stuff

They will arrive via your local postal service or DHL, if it's available in your country. You will receive a tracking number/link once they have been sent, all shipments are insured against loss.

My ToS, section "3D prints" and "Shipping items", applies.

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Printed and painted low poly fox

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