Low poly fox charity prints

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Thank you for your interest in my little printed foxes. <3 You can support my art with them and get something, hopefully cute, in return.

Ever since this senseless war started, it's again helpless life that is suffering most. Innocent people getting displaced, separated from their pets and loved ones, animals slaughtered for no reason other than delusions of grandeur... lives and hopes destroyed.

25% of the sale price will be again donated to an organization in Ukraine directly that helps wild animals, pets and their owners to cope with this war. It's hard picking a single charity among the many, and where a small amount will make some difference even, but it will most likely be Save a Fox Ukraine or Happy Paw.

Every fox is pay what you want with a minimum of 25€. If you pay more than the minimum, the donation part will increase too!

They come with an Ukrainian flag colored scarf where possible as displayed on the photos. #2, 3, 4 and 5 will have them 💙💛

If you'd like them without a flag, feel free to contact me.

My country is not on the shipping list!

They ship to Germany, all of EU and a few additional countries by default. If you are in a different country, feel free to contact me, and we can work out the details: email of@kiza.eu or discord Kiza#2150 works best.

My fox is out of stock!

Feel free to also write me if your favorite fox is out of stock. There is a very limited supply, as they are all printed and hand painted by myself. But I can always make more foxes. Please allow a few days to a week (for newly created prints) for shipping processing. The paint layers have to dry fully before I can pack them up.

Additional stuff

They will arrive via your local postal service or DHL, if it's available in your country. You will receive a tracking number/link once they have been sent.

My ToS, section 4, "3D prints", applies.

Web: https://kiza.eu
Social medias: https://mastodon.social/@Keeya - https://twitter.com/KizaBoom
Main art: https://art.kiza.eu

  • Printed and painted low poly fox

  • Printed and painted low poly fox
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Low poly fox charity prints

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